Frequently Asked Questions

Or Infrequently Asked Questions, As the Case May Be

We here at, all two of us, or four if you add in the cats, or eleven if you really must count the super dollfis, sometimes get questions about this website, our domain, or what the weather is like. Ok, we rarely get questions about any of that, to be honest, but since every other site has a FAQ, we figure that we might as well jump on the bandwagon and have one, too. And who knows? It might actually answer your questions. Stranger things have happened.

  1. Are you a commercial site?

    Answer: No.

  2. Then why the name

    When we first set up our home network, we were living in a two bedroom apartment. One bedroom was used for sleeping, the other for just about everything else, including computers, books, and the cat stuff. (We only had two cats then. Thank goodness.) When we finally networked all the computers together, we laughed about how we were hooking up everything but the litterboxen. And well....the name stuck.

  3. So you're really not cat experts, or affiliated with any cat box filler company, or anything like that?

    No, sorry, afraid not. We have two cats that we're quite pleased with, so we feel we know something about cats, but if you're looking for expert advice or more than just someone else's experience, you're looking in the wrong place. Sorry.

  4. So why do you have pictures of your cats up?

    Because people keep asking what they look like.

  5. And your house?

    Because our families wanted to see it. And this is a lot cheaper than getting copies made and sent to them all.

  6. Who are,,, etc.?

    No idea. They're all fake addresses made up by some stupid poster to the X-rated picture newsgroups. Whoever this person or these people are, they are not us, and are not part of anything having to do with Since the only people interested in them seem to be spammers, we auto-reject all mail to fake addresses.

  7. You know, your pages are REALLY plain.

    Oh, read this. It's a conscious decision.

  8. So what brand of litter do you use?

    The cats like Fresh Scoop Super Clump without the extra perfume. It's getting really hard to find, so we're looking about for something else they will use. This is not a commercial announcement, they're not paying us to say this, they don't even know we've mentioned it, it's just what the cats use. Our own, unexpert, practical advice: use what the cat likes.

  9. What about all the anime cels and stuff?

    We both collect anime cels, and maintain galleries for people to enjoy. The rest of the stuff out here is what we wanted to put out in hopes that some people would find it and enjoy it. If you found it and enjoyed it, that's great.

  10. What IS the weather like?

    Variable. If you don't like the weather here, just wait awhile. If you do like it, wait anyway.

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