The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

From February 13th to the 16th, Marcia and I were at the Olympics in Salt Lake City. Below, please find the pictures and travelogue I've been promising.

I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I expected to. In part because Marcia's camera, with its higher resolution, faster CCD, and zoom lense, takes so much better pictures than mine does. Marcia took lots of pictures. They're here, on her Olympics page.

My travelogue is here. My pictures are below.

Soldier Hollow

The tent camp/seating/consessions The women ski over the bridge.

Women's Hockey: Germany vs Finland

Finland's team Germany's team The face off

Salt Lake Ice Center
(aka Delta Center)

The Salt Lake Ice Center (Delta Center)
at night, after the skating.

Olympic Plaza

The Olympic Plaza had LOTS of potties.

Snow Basin

We had good seats for the superG.
We could see most of the way up.
Everything after Buffalo Ridge
was right in front of us.
Really REALLY good seats. Just us and 15,000 of our closest friends.