Anime Expo 2000 Review

So how was Expo 2000? Well, it wasn't bad enough to say it sucked outright, but it sure didn't measure up to last year's. The first big problem was it was in Disney land.

It was made very clear that Disney was perfectly happy to take our money, but then to not live up to their normal standards for us nasty anime folks; from the failure to have our room ready until 3 hours after checkin despite the fact that everyone else seemed ot have no problems checking in (to their credit, they comped us the first night after I took the manager aside and explained why I was NOT HAPPY); to the polite telegram in each room saying to please ignore the costumed folk who don't seem quite disney; to the active removal of any "adult" material from the dealer's room; to the ominous presence of the men in blue (Disney security) everywhere; to the lack of effective air conditioning in the dealer's room. Disney is an organization unafraid to play dirty, and it sees Anime as its biggest and deadliest competition. So environmentally, it sucked.

Another problem was that because the con was spread out across 1/4 mile, it didn't have critical mass, even with 10,000 people. Anything you wanted to do was a 10 minute walk through the construction sight (which smelled remarkably like urine).

Yet another problem was there was WAY too little programming for a con of this size. To have *one* event scheduled across from the attendance - restricted masq is nothing short of idiotic, and the loss of the video rooms due to Disney's meddling is unforgivable. There were whole evenings when there was literally nothing to do but stand in line for something or drink.

Food was expensive but good. We had some very nice meals in the Disneyland Pacific hotel - the conversion to breeder ghetto hasn't impacted the resteraunts yet (it will, I have no doubt). But with the breakfast buffet costing $40(US) for the two of us, I had to wonder what the average otaku was eating. Even sandwiches, like the ones you can get at the gas station for a buck fifty were over five dollars.

Still, I managed to get some good cels and some other cool stuff (lots of Big Eyes Small Mouth RPG stuff, and a nice airsoft gun). And we got to hang out with a good friend of mine who Marcia'd never met in person (although they're cell collecting buddies). Not a total loss, but if it's at Disney next year, I'm not going.