Cel Collecting Philosophy/Comments/Whatever

My philosophy on collecting cels is pretty simple. Buy what you enjoy - and can afford. As a result, my collection is mostly female characters. Okay, it's exclusively female characters with males in the picture only if they happened to be there. I don't enjoy super-deformed cels, so there aren't many. And so on. I've never traded cels before, although I've sold one, but if you see something you desperately have to have and have something you think would fit well in my collection, lemme know. If it's something from my Wish List Page, so much the better.

My collection of cels is pretty small, as you've seen. It's growing slowly, but I'm pretty picky, and besides, Marcia tends to pounce on good BubbleGum Crisis 2040 cels before I have the chance. :) Fortunately our tastes in cels don't overlap that much.

Anyway have fun, and please don't copy these images. It would suck to have to make the watermarks worse or remove the larger images (you DID click on the thumbnails, right?). Address any questions or comments to jim@calico.litterbox.com.

Update (02/20/06) Added a new Ryoko cel (of course she's naked, geez.) in the Tenchi section, and got rid of the Fifth Season Sailor Mercury cel, since we sold it. It always bugged me that Mercury didn't have a nose and her harp didn't have strings.
Update (04/17/05) One cel update, my cel purchasing has fallen off fairly drastically. The new cel is a beaut though: this bank cel from the late fourth to fifth season of Sailor Moon. It's Mercury/Ami of course. Also truncated this page to only go back to 2003. :)
Update (10/09/04) Over a year this time. Cel collecting isn't big on my list of hobbies anymore, I guess, so this update is a wrap up of the trickle of cels I've gotten since August 15, 2003. First, from BGC2040 are this one of Priss and a boomer, this of Lina in her hardsuit, and this one and this one, both of Nene (hey, more nekked Nene, always a positive thing), and this of Sylia in her infamous strappy red dress. The hands look funny because she's typing at a keyboard that is in the background. Also, in the Sailor Moon page, I got this nice cel of Makoto aka Jupiter in a dress (and chained to something apparently), this one of Luna getting scritches, and my current pride and joy, this one of Ami (Mercury) in the bath tub, probably as close to the nude cels of her I want as I'm likely to see. Not too bad for a year's collecting. Oh well, see you next year.
Update (08/15/03) Almost a year without any new cels. Times have changed, I guess. However, my sweety Marcia got me a nifty one for my birthday. It's this cel from Bill and Opus: A Wish for Wings That Work, on the Everything Else page. It seems kind of fitting that my thing for animation cels began with stuff Stephen Spielberg produced, (Tiny Toons/Animaniacs) and seems to be ending with something he produced. (Yes, Wish for Wings That Work was Amblin' Entertainment.) I'm still shopping for the cels on my wish list page, and I'm still watching new (to me) anime, but most of the stuff I'm watching these days is CG, and so has no cels, and I really don't get into production drawings, with a few notable exceptions. Anyway. Enjoy. Oh, by the by, there is no Anime Expo report this year because due to my father's illness I didn't get to go at the last minute. Marcia went and had a good time though. My father is doing fine now, thanks. Hopefully *next* year I'll get to go to Expo and have everyone - including myself - healthy. :) Looking forward to NDK 2003. Oh, the usual truncation of this document occurred, although due to the large amount of space between this entry and the last, I only threw out entries from before the beginning of 2002. Also I split Ghost in the Shell off into its own page, finally, and redid the Cel Index Page.. Boredom is a powerful thing.