Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is the first anime I ever liked. Before Ghost, the only anime I was familiar with was Legend of the Overfiend, Sailor Moon, and Battle of the Planets (the hacked up version of Gatchaman). So my take on Anime was that it was cruddy animation (Overfiend was, I said at the time, like watching a pornographic slide show) Embarrassingly bad writing, and so forth and so on. The buddy who insisted I watch his tape of Ghost changed all that. I even learned to love the Ghost soundtrack, despite the fact that it sounded awfully screechy to me at first. So naturally, since I had cels of my favorite TinyToons and Animaniacs characters, I had to have a Ghost cel. This is where the whole cel collecting thing started for me. Which cel was it? Well, the top left-most cel in the table below, of Kusinagi sitting up in bed after the opening credits. The start of a beautiful friendship. (Addiction would be more accurate.) And yes, it's framed on my wall, why?