Wish List

These are images I am looking to get cels similar to. Most of them are screen grabs, so the quality is kind of pooky. That, of course, is why I want to get the cels. :) And yes, I have a pretty good idea what cels like these are likely to be worth. I'm willing to look at any cel that is even remotely similar, so if you have one you think is like these, please let me know.

From BGC2040, any frame of Priss in the pink dress, preferably without Nene in it trying to make her smile. These cels occur in one and only one episode, and the scene isn't very long.

From Sailor Moon, pretty much any image of Amy/Mercury topless or nude. I hadn't realised such cels *existed* until I saw Aluminum Studio's Blue Mercury video. (It's a great video, if you can find it, download it.) The video is apparently made up of footage from Sailor Moon (R/Movie, S, SS, Stars, Amichan no Hatsukoi). (Text lifted from the Aluminum Studio Web page.) Yeah yeah, I know, me and my naked anime girl cels. Go figure.

From BGC 2040, this is a collector's phone card. I'd love to get my hands on one (even if all the minutes are used) or better yet the hanken cel it was made from. We tried hard to get this one on auction, but it went higher than we imagined it would and we didn't get it.