Boudoir Photos

One of the things that make ball jointed dolls special and fun is that they are a little more realistically sculpted. This, of course, leads one to the temptation to take boudoir style photos of them. I'm still learning. This kind of photography needs more subtlety than most of what I've done in the past, so I've had to take the digital camera onto manual mode and play with the settings to try and get the effect I want. I wouldn't call these particularly explicit photos - the doll's body isn't that explicit - but they're probably not work safe.


Light and Dark Bright Light and Satin Paint it Black Let me Sleep
How I spent my summer vacation.
Found this cool shirt, can I keep it?I'm tired of changing clothes.Make me look bigger than I am.


What a lovely flower. What?
I was communing.
Embarrassed? No, just . . . shy. In the arms of nature,
I am not afraid.