Not sure what to add here comment wise except that photographing these dolls is fun. They pose reasonably well, they're large enough that depending on the angle you shoot them at you can get semi-realistic shots of them. The pictures are in more or less chronological order for when I got the outfits (and the wig). As I've gotten clothes for the doll she's developed a "bad girl" style, so as time has gone on I've done more cheesecakey photos of her. Inevitably this led to boudoir photos, which can be found here. Nothing terribly explicit; her body isn't that explicit, but probably not worksafe. Adult (or sufficiently mature - contains doll nudity.)

This is how she came from the factory.

Right doll, wrong wig. She looks like a party victim. Right doll, right wig. It's from Poshdolls. Anais' faceup was designed for dark hair. She has other wigs now, but this is the one she's almost always in. Add some black "leather" and a red bikini and we're starting to see the "bad girl" thing coming through. (Yeah, I know, she's plastic. It's poetic license. Work with me here.) Let there be cheesecake.
Showing off the new haircut.
SuperCuts: $14.
"California dreamin', on such a winter's day." We had a spring snowstorm and it gave me light I wanted to play with. The forced perspective in the first pic was an accident. "Wish you were here." I'm not sure who Anais is pining for in these pictures. The shots came out of finding Isao's shirt in the studio and wanting to do some candlelight photography. Poster of a nice beach: $15.
Six pack of Corona: $10.
Stylin' summer wear: $25.
Spring Break on a budget: Priceless.
...and he likes girls, too. I like flowers as much as the next girl. Catchin' some rays after the photoshoot Feb. 2006 doll gathering gift: this lovely scarf. Thanks!Why am I sitting in the livingroom on such a lovely day?
Still sitting, but posing pretty.Ahh, fresh air at last. And some forced perspective. You make me look bigger than I am. I probably should be mad about that.
Got the sun on my back, and in my hair.
(The rightmost of these is among my favorite pics of Anais.)
Looking out at the world. It changes so much. I never do.
Embroidered t-shirt,
snakeskin skirt.
Anais in her Little Black Dress (made by Marcia),
which she wore to the Volks Tea Party in Los Angeles, August 5,2006.

Other Pics of Anais: