Doll Summer Camp 2006

On April 30th, the Colorado doll folks got together. It was the usual sort of doll gathering for us - much talking, buying and selling of doll foo, some doll tinkering, pizza, soda, and so forth. Lots of fun. On reviewing the photos, I started to get a different feel for them, though. So without further ado, I bring you Doll Summer Camp, starring the dolls of the Colorado BJD community (and two of the hostess' cats.)

We came from lots of different places. Some of us are shy, some outgoing. Heck, we're not even all the same scale.
Hey Everybody!
Lets go outside!
Look! Wild Animals! Swings! Cool! no, he's totally
cuter than Brad Pitt!
I know this goth
club you'd love...
I need
a cigarette..
Aieeee! Sunlight! It burns! Nature's so peaceful. Still, I wish
the boys would notice me.
Okay everyone! Group Photo! (An average of 5 dolls per human, btw.)
You're all weird.