Other Doll Photos

I'm not the only person in the world who owns these dolls. Quite the contrary. Marcia owns quite a few, and we're associated with several doll groups who add literally hundreds more. If I have the time, and the doll catches my eye, and I happen to have my equipment with me, I'm perfectly happy to shoot other people's dolls.

Shoot #1: Gamine and Liane

Marcia's Gamine in her white party dress. Marcia made this dress for the Volks Tea Party in Los Angeles, on August 5, 2006. It was very well received. Gamine is so photogenic, it's hard to take a bad picture of her, but my favorite is the second from the left. It makes her look like she's a little shy, or maybe flirting. This is Gamine. She's flirting. Marcia's Liane in her Kimono dress. Marcia always complains that Liane gets no love. So I made sure to take some good pictures of her in this shoot. She's shown here in a kimono dress made by Marcia. Liane is one of Marcia's shyer girls, and she's also a little older and more demure.