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Update (12/01/14) Has it really been 8 years? Was I really only 39 last time I edited this file? Anyway. New doll! Introducing Emily, my Lamily doll.
Update (12/16/06) Silva is my new doll, and I'm still working on getting to know who she is. It's entirely too cold out for outdoor photography, but she'd been eyeing Marcia's African Violets, and finally agreed to pose nude with them.
Update (12/12/06) Introducing, Silva!
Update (08/28/06) Total reorganization of the dolls part of my website, but because I do have anal retentive tendencies, I did redo all the links in this page. Woo. In the interem, we went to the Volks Tea Party in Los Angeles, so Anais and Gamine both got new, gorgeous dresses. Pictures of Anais here, and of Gamine here. I've also moved the adult section, the sanding and stringing notes, doll summer camp, and so forth so you now access them from the front page of the doll section, here. If it sounds suspiciously like I'm making room in my website for another doll . . . well . . . you might be right. In any case, the site desperately needed reorganization.
Update (05/23/06) I finally got around to sanding and restringing Anais, with Marcia's invaluable help. More info here (not worksafe). I also broke up Anais's home page, as it was getting unmanagably large. Also some typo cleanups.
Update (05/04/06) Doll Summer Camp! Colorado Asian Ball Jointed Doll gathering, April 30, 2006
Update (04/12/06) More Anais! Check out her main page and her non-worksafe Boudoir Photos page. But here are some samples. This is my newest favorite picture of Anais.. It was taken with my DSLR's automatic lens, with the camera on manual mode, with an exposure of 1/10 of a second, at f/38, ISO400, and a focal length of 55mm. This non-worksafe one is the other. It was shot indoors with my Pentax 50mm f2 prime, at f/22, ISO 400, with the flash on and a slave strobe firing in from the top left. The forced perspective is the result of lots of light and a high f-stop, along with careful alignment of the doll, the doll chair, and the camera. The lens flare is the result of somewhat less careful alignment of the slave strobe, but I thought it looked kind of neat.
Update (03/30/06) Just finished feeding all the 03/26/06 photos to Fixerlabs' "Focus Fixer" filter for Photoshop (say that three times fast). It worked as advertised. It's not cheap, and I bought the whole bundle, but it's amazing what it can do. See before, and after. Yes, I also retouched the background.
Update (03/26/06) Whew. Massive update. All Anais, all the time. I finally got pictures of all the nice outfits Marcia gave me for Christmas, plus the nice scarf Anais got at the Colorado Doll meetup in February.

Technical changes. I've switched cameras to a Pentax *ist DL with the 18-55mm lens kit. The 18-55mm zoom is a sweet lens, but it's very touchy about depth of field in low(er) light, so while I was able to handhold all the new shots with the sensor set to 400 speed, I had serious focusing problems because of the close range. I need to experiment with the higher film speed settings so I can put the camera in aperture priority mode and control my depth of field better.

I'm also getting used to a completely new toolset. Whereas all my old pictures were shot in .jpg and processed in Photoshop Elements, all the new ones have been shot in raw image format, which necessitated a different approach. Fortunately Adobe/Macromedia LightRoom is in free beta, as the raw tools that came with the camera are pretty much useless. So these pictures feel different, in addition to the quality problems. You can do a lot of things with raws that you can't do easily with jpgs without getting a lot of artifacts, but as always, great power comes with great responsibility, and I'm still learning to *control* all this new capability.

Anyway, new pictures of the Christmas outfits and the scarf here, and more Boudoir shots here. As always, Boudoir shots are probably not worksafe.

Oh yeah. If you're wondering where this (non-worksafe) white shirt came from, Marcia made it for Ian's blazer outfit, but the proportions weren't right in a couple places, so she had to tweak the pattern and make another one for him. (The later one is shown in that image.) On Anais, however, the prototype is shapeless and cute, so Marcia gave it to me for a minimum of puppydog eyes on my part. :) If your SD girl wants one like it, you could probably commission one. Just make sure to tell Marcia that you want the SD13 boy shirt, even though it's for a girl.
Update: (09/26/05) Cleaned up the mess I made in this page, plus added a newly re-processed image - nudeflowers1alternate - in the adult section. Basically I'm switching back from Photoshop Elements to photoline32 (version 12) because it's cheaper, works with my plugins just as well, and doesn't have the oink-headed activation problems new versions of adobe products are said to have. Plus it's got some of the tools Adobe took out of Photoshop to make Elements and you can do really powerful things with them.
Update: (08/28/05) Did a photo shoot in the garden today to take advantage of all the nice flowers that are in bloom (2-3 weeks before first frost, in all likelihood.) The first photo is this one, which lives in the more anais page. <edit> Also this picture of Anais relaxing after a tiring photo shoot. </edit> There are also four new topless photos here, here, here, and here are in the adult section. These aren't worksafe.
Update: (04/19/05) After a long photoshoot with lots of pictures posed and taken I've gotten two, count 'em two new pictures of Anais. They're the best of the lot, not the best I've done to date, sadly. I'm happy enough with them to post them, though.
The first is of Anais and Ian, Marcia's Isao. The text for that one goes something like,
"So are you one of those boys who acts like a boy, who dresses like a girl who really likes boys?"
"Oh Good."
But of course I couldn't fit it all under the thumbnail. The second picture is not work safe. The title of the picture is fairly self explanatory. It was the last of the nudes I shot, and I think my tiredness and frustration with the shoot was getting projected on the doll. But then personality projection is what makes dolls fun, right?
Update: (04/17/05) This page! :) I've completely reorganized the doll pages, so if you find dead links or weirdness, do let me know. Also, I'll mention that the second Wish You were Here picture in the Anais section has been redone. I used a different shot from the same photo shoot and filtered it differently, so the cleanup was more successful.