Appendix 1: Text Events encoded as Planning - Tool Making

1 Christine says "What about my suggestion that we do our preliminary protocols in the regualar MUSH?":1
3 Jim says "If that would be more convenient, feel free."
6 Don says "This is working much faster tonight."
7 Jim says "Some times the net is faster, sometimes it's slower."
8 Jim says "it's pretty much luck."
9 Christine says "Still, dono't you think it might be easier ."
10 david feels like following others' leads at the moment...
11 Don says "I don't really think so. It works the same, except it's possible to backspace."
12 Christine says "You might get lead by the nose, David..."
13 Christine says "OK, I can stand my bad typing if you can."
14 Jim smiles.
15 Don says "Jim can promise to run it through his word processor and spell checker afterwards, no?"
16 Jim is certainly not going to complain, if no-one mentions the number of typos in the manual...
17 Jim says "the finished story? sure."
18 david says "Well, if it starts to hurt I might object. At the moment, though, I just wanted to account for my silence. Which has ended:-)"
19 Don says "Okay, Jim (Startrek looms) do you need to prep us any?"
20 Jim says "nope. Y'all have a fair idea of how to use Jed, if you have questions, just ask."
25 Jim says "okay, everything's ready to go."
26 david nods acknowledgement.
27 Don says "Okay, preliminbary discussion about the shape of the story...characters...setting, plot and so on?"
29 Christine says "I think that's part of what he wants us to explore."
30 Jim smiles.
31 Don says "Should each of us be a different character and work from there?"
32 Christine says "How we go about the process of deciding who does what in collaborative writing."
33 david says "I like improvised jazz, noodling around a bit for shape."
34 Christine says "I like that idea, Don, just from having seen what happens at events on MUSHes."
35 david says "I'm willing to try it."
36 Christine says "If we could set a scene and a situation and let our characters flow naturaally from there..."
38 Jim says "by the way. If you all want more time than the two hours I originally planned, do feel free."
41 Don says "We could do an overall plot structure and tell a story from three different points of The Ring and the Book or The Seven Samurai."
42 Christine says "I'm not sure that if we did that it wouldn't be too divisive for the purposes of what Jim is doing--as if I really knew..."
43 Christine says "Although, I like that idea."
45 Don says "Maybe about a roundrobin...each of us takes a paragraph in sequence."
47 Don says "How about determining a setting first?"
90 Christine says "Are you interested in doing any genderbending while writing these characters, just to add an odd complexity for Jim to sort out?"
94 david always finds gender bending an interesting prospect.
560 Christine says "Jim I think for experimental purposes you ahve a nice start here."
561 Jim says "yeah..."
562 Christine says "You can show us setting up a protocol for writing and putting together characters."
563 Don says "I'm not really in a hurry."
564 Jim says "definately..."
565 Jim says "Jed works, he's just got problems with insert and copy."
566 Christine says "Rather than be more frustrated by the technical aspects, why not leave it at that."
568 Christine says "I'm not in a hurry either. I just thought it might be easier to stop here."
569 Jim says "do the rest of you agree?"
570 david says "I am a bit tired. I did not sleep last night, having nightmeres about what turned out to be real today....(not this *grin*)"
571 Christine says "If you like, I'm sure we'd all be glad to offer a postmortem."
572 Jim says "okay, let's do that.
368 Don says "Why don't we each try an intropductory paragraph? Is that possible, Jim?"