Appendix 2: Text Events encoded as Planning-Text-Making

37 Don says "Set in the Midwest?"
39 Christine says "Course that raises some problems with point of view."
40 david says "Point of view could resolve as the story unfolds..."
44 david says "or could be omniscient to a fault"
50 Christine says "David and I are both from Minnesota--is that too far form your native land, Don?"
52 Don says "I can fake it...I was in Minnesota once...for a friend's wedding."
54 Don says "As long as it's in summer...I can't deal with snow."
56 Don says "So...Minnesota in the summer...big city? Small town?"
57 david says "MN is ok by me, of course. I am sitting there now.l"
58 Christine says "It's really humid in Minnesota in the summer."
59 david says "Just the past few days."
60 Don says "Spring better?"
61 Christine says "Time? Early seventies?"
62 Christine says "I lived there then. As a *young* bride."
63 david says "Uprisings at the Unviversity?"
64 Don says "That's when I wsa there...but wouldn't it be easier to make it more contemporary?"
65 Christine says "Nothing academic."
66 david says "OK. Just flashed from the 70s, early."
67 Christine says "Okay, contemporary. Then I can do name brands like Ann-what's her name."
68 Don says "I always find it easier to deal with people in their 30s than in their twenties...don;t know why."
69 Christine says "I briefly lived in a commune called Zigzag City...."
70 david says ""There used to be a beautiful commune on rolling acres, wooded in W. Wisconsin, ties to Minneapolis=Bubbling Springs."
74 Don says "So you're picturing a commune experience...mid-30s (I hope)...idealism beginning to die?"
75 david says "Hot steamy sex scenes."
77 Christine says "No, the commune was too silly."
79 Christine says "But I like the mid-30s."
81 Christine says "Well, it's itneresting to wonder what happened to those foks..."
82 Christine says "There's an interesting film about it with Kiefeer Sutherland and Dennis Hopper."
83 david says "yeah, I saw that.. and some of those folks are still running cooperatives in Minneapolis."
84 Don says "So...a commune called...Rolling Acres..."
85 david says "The New Riverside Cafe (sorry Don, mainly re-vitalized with youn'uns) for instance."
86 Don says "That's o.k. with me...sounds good."
87 david says "Calls itself 'The bio-magnetic center of the Universe.' Whatever that means."
88 Christine says "I always suspected it was in MN."
89 Don says "And who are the main characters?"
92 david says "As a 30s guy who used to hang out in Minneapolis back in those days, I find it disorienting at times those spaces where punk-doos and pierced body parts replace the old fashions..."
93 Christine says "Indeed."
95 Don says "One spring day at the Riverside cafe, a communal operation in a small town in Minnesota...."
96 Christine says "In Montana they woudl serve potatoes and point."
97 david says "I guess I was thinking of characters who used to live the life coming back and interacting with the present form."
98 Christine says "And you would know the guy who washes the dishes- he's a aphilosophy major who's dropped out. Now he lots of skiing."
99 Don says "I was thinking of a mid-30s woman...with a baby...getting tired of the whole thing."
100 Christine says "Wanting the materialistic things that she has denied she wanted for so l ong?"
101 Don says "Yeh, and a 'normal' life and environment."
102 david says "What's point? The New Riv (RL place) serves rice and veggies, lots of bvegetarian/macrobiotic cuisine."
103 Don says "Conmflict can happen between her and the others."
104 Christine says "Sure. It's potatoes with carrots adn cabbage."
105 Christine says "An old Butte dish."
106 Don says "Does it matter what they serve? I can't be here all night. (Sorry)"
107 Christine says "Patience, sir."
108 david says "How about her crossing with a man who gavi it up, past acquaintance? Lived the greed of the 80s, but wants to find an imagined past"
109 Don says "That sounds interesting, David. And conflict with her current live-in BF."
111 david says "Maybe he's the father? Possible father?"
112 Christine says "He could see himself in the child"
113 david nods.
114 Don says "I confess I've never been to such a place...only the old antiVN coffee houses. COuld one of you do a good description of such a cafe?"
116 Christine says "David will."
120 Christine says "I think the woman is the baker for the cafe. Long dark hair with silver threads in it. The child is ten?"
121 Don says "Ten sounds good...and the baking sounds good. Judy Collins's "I always Cook with Honey"..."
122 Christine says "The man started out in Chicago. Good Catholic boy, got involved with Martin Luther King/Saul Alinsky. Went to Boston College and started organizing welfare moms. Ended up in grad school in boulder. Thenw went to Minnesota to live off the fat of the land in perfection."
123 Don says "Boy child or girl child?"
124 Christine says "Girl child might make it mroe complex, but also Pearl-like."
125 Christine says "Or maybe we are doing a revision of The Scarlet Letter."
126 Don says "I hope not...too moralistic."
127 Don says "Perhaps the guy David was talking about drops in...not knowing what k9ind of cafe he's in..."
128 Christine says "He adn the woman separated in Boulder or somewhere else. Lost touch."
135 Don says "So he walks into the cafe and sits down at a table to order something."
142 david says "He could order the food as he walks through the line. I did not do a good job of showing the cafeteria nature of the whole thing."
146 david says "But fiction need not mimick RL, eh? :-)"
147 Don says "God, I hope not."
166 david says "Perhaps Riverside should become Hillside, just to do the Blackbear thing."
167 Don nods, "Hillside sounds good.
168 david says "Fitzgerald wrote about Blackbear Lake, really White Bear Lake."
170 Christine says "David, were you able to keep up with te character descriptions we began?"
171 david says "We could have the Old Hillside Cafe instead of The New Riverside Cafe."
172 Don says "That sounds better to me."
174 david says "A bit. Enough, I think, as this is still foramtive?"
229 Christine says "How about a song he hears on the radio before he gets there that evokes the time before."
230 Don says "Okay...he's listening to golden oldies..."
231 Christine says ""Got to get back to the garden."
232 david turns the radio to 101.3 for that detail of real life...
233 Don says "Something by the Band?"
234 Don says "Not too obvious, though."
235 david likes the gardner, as in get back to...
237 david er, garden. Maybe too obvious, but he can focus his meditations on that...
238 david says "wanting to get himself back, where did it go wrong... ew. maudlin shit..."
239 Don says "What's he like I wonder...used to be inbto radical politics? Has a wide at home and two kids of his own? Beginning to grow a bit thick around the waist?"
244 david says "Losing some hair. Driving a fourwheel drive something yuppie-mobile..."
246 Don says "Jeep Cherokee?"
247 david says "yeah.."
249 david says "Cherokee in the land of Anishinabe (Ojibwe)"
251 Christine says "Damn! You guys have me pegged."
252 Don says "Wife at hyome...two kids...growing a bit fatter at the waist?"
253 david says "Auto bio, only I drive a chevy wagon..."
254 david says "Well, I never went for the greed, either..."
255 Don says "I rive a Bronco II"
256 david says "Real estate agent?"
257 Christine says "The kids are grown, the wife has a sucesful catering business/real estate agent."
258 david says "Savings and loan banker?"
259 Don says "Travelling saleman...represnting c omputer company?"
260 Christine says "No , he works for a Congress man."
261 david says "Plays on the Mush instead of working?"
262 Christine says "These things are all too sleazy."
263 Christine says "He was led from all this to a job that he thought was supposed to have integrity."
264 Don says "OK, congressional aide to a Coloorado representative."
265 Christine says "Ouch, again."
266 david says "I think the congressman is too clsoe to the old ideals, even if it is a sleaze congressman. Maybe he left to work with a congressman, got into public relations. Wanted to be a writer"
267 david says "Just writes ad copy..."
268 Don says "PR sounds good...but why is he travellilng?"
269 david says "Or worse, news releases"
271 Christine says "I'll buy all of this so far."
273 david says "Presidential campaign, hired by a (losing) incumbent to"
274 Don says "Presidential's too big...something smaller...congressional."
275 david says "do pre-debate/pre-cam paign visit press handling, spin, publicity, interviews, etc."
276 Don says "Or maybe a hack for some company."
277 Don says "Wants to take over the land and buold a major warehouse where the Old Hillside Cafe stands...or nearby."
278 david says "How come Minnesota from Colorado on congressional ticket, though? Congresman going for bigger stuff?"
279 david says "Oh, the garbage burner--they built it for real right near downtown. ny."
280 david says "That was pr for the engineering company."
281 Don says "That sounds good to me...loss of ideals...big money."
282 Christine says "Yup."
283 Don says "And he's donme his research...knows his old girlfriend and her 'husband' own the cafe."
284 Christine says "Sees the kid first thing when he walks in teh cafe."
285 david says "yeah, and old girlfriend who is longing for material stuff"
287 david says "still resists"
289 david says "the garbage burner. Argggh laggggggg"
290 Don says "Sounds like enough of a setup...Four characters? Him, the old girlfriend, the kid and the current SO?"
291 Christine says "What kidn of guy is the SO?"
292 Don says "Ket's start in the cafe then...and dreop the drive up."
293 david says "I thought we began with a communal cafe--she can't own a commune"
294 Don says "Used to be a commune...manyt people left...leaving her, him and the kid with ownsdership."
295 david says "He could wonder./know she still works there."
296 Christine says "Maybe she needs his help and called him."
297 Don says "The SO...kinda cowboyish in a San Shepherd way."
298 david says "Maybe I'm stuck on RL here, but I like the idea of it still being a commune"
299 david says "If she owned it, what's the deal with the ideals, the material stuff."
300 Don says "David, I couldn't read that last sentenmce."
301 Don says "I was trying to figure out how to work the commune in...might require a crowd scene...and I'm awful at those."
302 Christine says "You can only scrub out the pickle contaner so many times. She's probably in the mood for getting in that Jeep and driving away."
303 Don says "Didn't communes have to have some kind of *shudder* corporate ownership?"
304 Christine says "No crowds. We should focus on people."
306 Don says "He could have dug up the owndership pares and determined that a sijple majhority could sell it. Only five people left...including the ten year old...they could carry the vote."
311 david says "If she owned the cafe, what would be the big deal about the ideals--she would be part of the market"
313 david says "The commune is only in the background."
325 Don says "She doesn't recognize him at first...he gets a plate of whatever and sits at a small table not far from the door.?"
326 david says "he could ask for her. Maybe he acts like he's here to help (I'm from the go"
327 david says "government."
328 david says "Then she's right there, maybe he was looking at her."
329 david says "All alongl."
330 Don says "We know a bit about about her?"
331 david says "Not sure who the father of her child is--daughter? son?"
332 Don says "Make it a daughter."
333 david says "Takes the bus and bikes, but secretly wishes for a BMW :-)"
334 david likes daughters, having two of his own.
335 david says "Or a Jeep Cherokee......"
336 Don says "She needs to be more than just a worker bee...perhaps a leader in the commuine?"
337 david says "I don't think you get communes...she could be active in local resistance to the burner."
339 david says "She could be an elder of the tribe, so to speak."
340 david says "Maybe she longs to be a leader, burned out on all the egalitarian bs..."
341 david says "Sees how the commune is spinning its wheels, could be more effective with leadership..."
342 Don says "No, she is one...but getting tired of holding it all together?"
343 Don says "Tired of being mother to the clan...wants her own life...wants out...somehow?"
344 david says "defacto leader? Communes are supposed to be all equal (they never are, of course)"
345 Don says "Right...leads by force of personality."
346 david says "Better personality than mother....yes, I can groove on it"
347 david says "She's more like him than not"
365 Christine says "I've been tracking your discussion adn I think it's all good."
476 Christine says "I'd like to get all this exposition out of the way right away."
477 Christine says "I think there has to be a central incident to the whole thing right there in the cafe."
478 Christine says "that shows how radically different their vantage points are."
479 Christine says "I read too much Aristotle in my yourth."
480 Don says "He can have a brief case and pull out papers...then she can say something about he's sold ouot to the establishment."
483 Christine says "But gently. Never say what he means, never mean what he says."