Appendix 5: Text Events encoded as Evaluation - Tool Making

363 Christine says "Editing is very slow and tedious. I did a lot of microchanges and I thought I might check back with you to see if you thought it was okay."
437 Don says "Boy is that difficult!"
464 david says "Amazing how long it takes to get 2 draft paragraphs..."
560 Christine says "Jim I think for experimental purposes you ahve a nice start here."
561 Jim says "yeah..."
562 Christine says "You can show us setting up a protocol for writing and putting together characters."
563 Don says "I'm not really in a hurry."
564 Jim says "definately..."
565 Jim says "Jed works, he's just got problems with insert and copy."
566 Christine says "Rather than be more frustrated by the technical aspects, why not leave it at that."
568 Christine says "I'm not in a hurry either. I just thought it might be easier to stop here."
569 Jim says "do the rest of you agree?"
221 david thinks this is going to take awhile...