Appendix 7: Text Events encoded as Replanning - Tool Making

136 Don says " want to take first shor at editting...only one at a time can do that."
363 Christine says "Editing is very slow and tedious. I did a lot of microchanges and I thought I might check back with you to see if you thought it was okay."
364 Christine says "I'm about half done."
365 Christine says "I've been tracking your discussion adn I think it's all good."
368 Don says "Why don't we each try an intropductory paragraph? Is that possible, Jim?"
369 Jim says "um... sure..."
370 Jim says "just keep track of who's is who's..."
371 Jim says "because the first one will be Davids, the second will be whoever does it second, and so on."
372 Don says "After we do that, we could decide which way to begin and delete the other two, then edit the remaining one."
373 Jim says "yup."
385 Don says "I'm reading a printoput of Christine's edit."
389 Jim says "the best way I can think of would be to copy it, delete the second half of the first para and the first half of the second para."
571 Christine says "If you like, I'm sure we'd all be glad to offer a postmortem."