Revision History

alpha 1 12/1/98
first alpha version. Submitted to M. Palmquist

alpha 2 12/5/98
Just a quick update before I forget again.
1. Added an entry in the bibliography for Scott Olsen's paper.
2. Reorganized revision control page.

alpha 3 01/13/99
Lots of changes and additions per M. Palmquist's response to alpha 1.
1. Revised revision control page again.
2. Expanded paragraph on basic word processor support.
3. Gave an example of how purpose and control were subverted.
4. Revise last sentence about e-mail/common file method.
5. Amputated paragraphs about Lebaur and Duin's work due to their advanced age and minimal relevance.
6. Globally replaced experiment with study. Cleaned up the mess THAT made.
7. Changed participant's job description from network admin to network administrator.
8. Fixed paragraph about Flower and Hayes, and fixed citation.
9. Added entry in the bibliography for Joel English's paper.
10. Fixed apostrophes in first sentence of coding scheme.
11. Extensive revision and expansion of Results section.
12. Added no less than 12 appendixes (Appendix 0 - 11) with the data set, the various subsets, JED source and manual, and the consent cover letter.
13. Fixed diagram for readability.
14. Revised web page references in bibliography to meet current MLA guidelines.

beta 1 01/13/99
No changes from Alpha 3 except revision number. Not formally released - alpha 3 became beta 1 when it was distributed to the rest of the committee.

beta 2 03/04/99
1. Described Kesey's ground rules in the Caverns project per N. Carbone's recommendation.
2. Clarified what I was referring to as the "actual process of composition" verses revision.
3. Added totals chart and discussion per N. Carbone and D. Zimmerman's recommendations.

beta 3 03/23/99
broke results section into Narrative Analysis of Transcript and results and re-added results summary from alpha1 to address D. Zimmerman's issues with the results section.

beta 4 03/24/99
More modifications to results, based on my own dissatisfaction with beta 3. Finally reached a summary I liked and ripped out a lot of unnecessary verbiage from the results section lifted from alpha1 to better summarize the results of the narrative analysis of the transcript.

Release 1.0 05/01/99
No modifications since beta 4. Defend on 05/03/99, weather permitting.

Release 1.1
Cleaned up a couple typos I found *after* printing out the final versions. Paper was defended successfully on 05/03/99. 1.1 is the HTML release.

Release 1.2 12/14/99
Cleaned up machine generated HTML to something less gross.
Cleaned up typos and etc STILL present after all these revisions.
Fixed link to Leslie D. Harris' paper and made all web references in bibliography hot links.