Fork is actually my second from scratch robot. It's a concept test, with a very simple chassis formed out of aluminum angle and most of the parts that I had to strip off of Ginzochan because that chassis didn't work well, combined with a pair of inline skate wheels, and a body structure rather like Stiletto, the most successful 2 pound bot at the Mile High Con critter crunch. The most important difference between Fork and Stiletto is that Fork is 11.5 inches wide, nearly the maximum allowable width. This is to test my theory that a wide, short robot will have more leverage to break free of the "dance of death", which occurs when two robots get entangled and go around and around trying to establish who has the best traction. Fork is designed to go fast, hit hard, and get the heck out. Fork's tines are similar in design to those found on Fang, the most successful 20 pound bot at the critter crunch, but Fork's are rigidly mounted. Fork is also my only human piloted 'bot, and is destined to provide Ginzochan a more challenging sparring partner whether or not Fork's chassis design proves an advantage. Once Fork's shell is done (almost certainly another aluminum box going wrapping tight around the motors over the central rail), I intend to enter it in Mile High Con's critter crunch, assuming my wife wants to drive it.. Pictures below.