Ginzokubakotchi is my newest bot for the 2 pound auton class of the Mile High Con critter crunch. The name means "Cute metal box" so apparenly one could legitimately shorten it to GinzoChan! So I will.

Ginzochan is my first from-scratch robot. Due to the untimely death of its isopod on-board computer, combined with some really bad chassis design on my part (the bottom pan was replaced with a steel plate weighing 9 ounces, the motors weren't fast enough for the size wheels I'm using, and so forth and so on) it's getting a total redesign. The pictures below are from the 2004 Ginzochan development cycle. All I know about the 2005 chassis thus far is it's going to be all aluminum (easier to work, much lighter). I am also fairly sure it will sport a brand new pair of Lynxmotion's planetary gear gearhead motors and larger tires, but until I'm done with the other robots, which are among other things development test beds, I don't know much else about Ginzochan's chassis.
GinzoKubakotchi - Full Metal Jacket - 05/29/04

I have sheet metal for the machine now. It's not lovely but it should work. Some knowledge tidbits: soldering sheet metal is tough, especially when it's galvanized. Heating galvanized sheet metal is bad anyway because the zinc vaporizes and is super-bad for your lungs. More pics below.


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