The Philosophy Of The HTML Pages On This Site

You probably have noticed that the pages on this site are fairly simple and straightforward. This is definitely by design.

My goal in putting up these pages is to convey information to you, the reader. Anything that gets in the way of that information is detracting from my goal - and that includes slow loading graphics, blinking lights, all kinds of bells and whistles. I'll include them if and only if I think they help to impart information - if not, what's the point?

I borrowed the phrase "multibrowser enhanced" some years ago from Ian Kluft, who I used to work with. It's as opposed to "Netscape Enhanced" or "IE Enhanced" or take your pick enhanced - I don't want to limit my audience because of their browser of choice. I want as many people as possible to be able to access the site and see what's here.

I know this philosophy is very out of style right now. Read the words. Look at the pictures that are here (they're here for a reason). Get information. That's what the web is all about.

Oh, yeah, and if you have any technical problems with the pages, please email me. You might get a response from a different email address; I have a number of them, they all end up in the same place, and the reason they're all not listed here is because of those evil email address gathering/spam bots. Email me if you would like a list.

Remember that the corollary to "this page optimized for viewing with Netscape" is "without Netscape, our design stinks." - World-Wide Web Week, July, 1995